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Since we began, Quasar Property Management and Real Estate has earned a reputation as a responsible management firm that has consistently protected the value of the properties in its care. Quasar has developed a vertically integrated real estate organization focusing on property management as the hub of operations. Quasar Property Management and Real Estate provides the best in real estate services, from sales and leasing to the management of both residential and commercial properties and more.

If you are looking to buy a house, sell your current home, or purchase commercial real estate, our decades of experience are at your service. We provide professional, licensed agents specializing in the listing, leasing and selling of both residential and commercial properties.

Quasar will be your guide for all of your needs in the real estate market. We offer over 30 years of sales, management and leadership experience to help you rent a house, apartment, condo, or commercial space. If you own a property, we can help you procure tenants.

We provide professional property management to cooperatives, condominium residences, apartments and homes throughout Washington DC and Maryland. Quasar Property Management provides the kind of constant attention your condominium association demands.

We specialize in investment opportunities that are not usually listed on the open market. These properties are under-marketed or under-valued, waiting for a smart group of passive investors to capitalize on the opportunity.

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840 21st St NE, Washington, DC 20002

You must see this well kept home in the up…


"I really appreciated the personal attention from the staff at Quasar. Everyone was incredibly responsive and proved to be good listeners - all of my needs were heard and met! While I can't say that buying my first home was easy, Kenneth Brown and Staff made it as painless as possible. I'm also impressed by Ken's negotiation skills - he is kind, prepared, and persuasive, all while getting the job done without force or fear tactics."

Frederic Kowalski, UO Administrator


Frederic Kowalski, UO Administrator

“I really appreciated the personal attention from the staff at…
"My experience with Quasar...My family of 5 lived in one of the family apartments for about one and 1/2 years. I really enjoyed my time there. There was a playground for my kids to play at. The manager and maintenance departments are very fast to handle any issues they were also very nice. There were very few issues with the property; the apartment was new and very nice."

Christina Hightower and Family


Christina Hightower and Family

“My experience with Quasar…My family of 5 lived in one…
"Thank you for rebuilding our community. I have resided at Markham since 2007, and truly appreciate the impact you have made thus far. Thanks again for strengthening our place of residency."

Skyler W.


Skyler W.

“Thank you for rebuilding our community. I have resided at…