Quasar Property Management and Real Estate LLC is a licensed real estate property management firm specializing in the management of apartment communities and Homeowner Associations.

We began very small, managing properties and selling real estate for our own closely held group of real estate investors. Quasar did everything necessary to find, organize, finance and manage real property for its investors. Since our very humble beginnings, we have expanded our services to provide professional property management and real estate expertise to cooperatives, condominium residences, apartments and homes throughout Metropolitan Washington DC, Montgomery, Prince Georges, Howard, and Baltimore Counties, and Baltimore City Maryland. Kenneth Brown was and remains the President of the company and its chief operating officer. He brings over 30 years of management and financial experience in multi-family housing and real estate. We believe that its biggest asset is the team of experienced professionals dedicated to your success.

Our Team

Quasar has a team of qualified personnel who produce the positive results for the properties and communities under their care. Our corporate staff supervises our property managers and corporate support personnel. Our property managers oversee the management of apartment and homeowner communities and staff. Every one of our property managers have experience in the multi-family management business and are aided by a staff of administrative personnel for accounting and administrative support, human resources, payroll and training. Our accounting staff has a great deal of experience in compiling the data and producing the myriad of reports needed to inform the property managers of the community’s path and to produce the annual budgets and month-by-month comparisons.

All employees in the field are Quasar employees and receive extensive training and strong supervision to help them achieve their best performance. The employees enjoy a healthy benefit package, including medical and dental plans, a 401K participatory plan and life insurance.

Our Goal

Quasar has developed a vertically integrated real estate organization focusing on property management as the center of operations, and branching into investment partnerships, sales, listings, and rentals. We offer over 30 years of sales, management and leadership experience. Quasar strives to provide the best in real estate services, from sales and leasing to the management of both residential and commercial properties, and more. 

What is a Quasar?

A quasar is an extremely luminous active galactic nucleus. It has been theorized that most large galaxies contain a super massive central black hole with mass ranging from millions to billions of times the mass of the Sun.

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